Depending on your agency's PPC management process, it may be necessary to duplicate an existing Shape Budget into a new one throughout the lifecycle of a client. Previously, Shape members had to recreate Budgets from scratch including replicating all settings, re-adding campaigns, etc. Shape has implemented a "Copy Budget" function to make it simple and fast to duplicate existing Budgets into new Budgets in less than a minute. 

Copying a Budget

1. Navigate to the Budget you want to copy (either on the main dashboard or the budget view).

2. Select the Edit Budget (pencil) icon next to the Budget's name on the main dashboard or in the Tools navigation bar on the budget view. 

3. On the "Edit Budget Details" screen, scroll to the bottom of the page. 

4. Click Copy.

5. All campaigns from the original "old" copied Budget will be added to the "new" Budget. The Budget will also be added to the current client the "old" Budget is in.

6. The budget amount, budget cycle, budget type (one-time or recurring), alerts, alert contacts, and budget automation statuses will automatically be copied to the "new" budget. 

  • Automation status (such as SmartSync and CruiseControl is enabled) will be applied to the new Budget. However, campaign-level settings (such as CruiseControl min budget, max budget, and daily budgets) will not!
  • Scheduled Budgets will not be copied to new Budget.

7. On the "Create the Budget" screen, name your new copied Budget and hit "Create."