As part of Shape Advertising Data Infrastructure, each company is granted access to their own Google BigQuery Data Warehouse. We chose to utilize Google BigQuery for it's speed and processing power, but also for it's wide array of connectors and integrations with third-party tools. 

Listed below are four major Business Intelligence tools Shape's ADI & Google BigQuery data warehouse integrates with.

As we do not control these BI Tools-to-BigQuery integrations ourselves (and the configuration may change at any given time), we wanted to provide links to connect your BigQuery DWH to these tools directly when possible.  



Here are directions on how to set up a connection from Looker to Google BigQuery Standard SQL.

Note: You'll need to create a Service Account in Google BigQuery. Shape grants you permission to create service accounts automatically, but please let us know if you have any difficulties. 



Here are directions on how to set up a connection from Tableau to Google BigQuery.

Note: Your BigQuery project name will have the following naming convention "Shape-Warehouse-####"



  1. Once in Domo, add a Data Source by clicking the "Data" in the menu.
  2. Search for and connect "Google BigQuery Service Account."
  3. If you have not already created a Service Account in Google BigQuery, please follow the directions in the "Prerequisite" section first. 
  4. Select the appropriate service account.
  5. Configure the "Details" section as necessary. Note a Report type, SQL Dialect, and Query are mandatory fields.
  6. Select the frequency with and time when you wish your query to run.
  7. Name your data set. Save.


Power BI

Here are directions on how to set up a connection from Power BI Desktop to Google BigQuery.