Below is the list of the most common errors or inconsistencies that occur with Data Sources and possible solutions. This list will be updated as needed.

1. My Data Source doesn't appear to be updating regularly. What can I do?

Re-add your Data Source using the "Sync Account" button. Advertising platforms can stop an access token from working. Adding the Data Source again will renew the access token and re-establish a successful connection. 

If issues continue to persist with Data Sources, please contact the Shape support team.

2. I just added a new account or campaigns in the advertising platform, but Shape is not displaying them yet. How do I add my new account or campaigns to a Shape Budget?

  • Navigate to the Budget Designer form. 
    • If you're creating a new budget, you can "Create a Budget" from the dashboard directly or navigate to a client to  "Create a Budget."
    • If you're adding campaigns to an existing Budget, navigate to the "Budget" and click "Add & Remove Campaigns."
  • Navigate to the  "Add Campaigns" screen. You'll see three tabs: Data Sources, Accounts, Campaigns

Pull in New Account

  • If you're not seeing the account you're hoping to find, first select a data source.
    • In the right-hand corner of the screen, there will be a cloud icon with an arrow. 
    • Click this to pull all your new accounts to pull in to the selector.
    • You will receive an alert telling you how many new accounts were pulled in.


Pull in New Campaigns

  • If you're not seeing the campaigns you're hoping to find, select the account the campaigns belong to.
  • You'll have the same option to "refresh" the campaigns and pull new ones in using the cloud/arrow icon. 

  • NOTE: If you already see your account in the list of available accounts on the "Add Campaigns" form, you do not need to "Get New Accounts." Just select the account you want to use first, and select the "Get New Campaigns" button afterward.

3. Shape won't allow me to take certain actions on a campaign from a data source. Help?!

First, confirm that you have administrative access to the advertising account under which the campaign falls. This is especially important for Facebook and Google accounts. It's important to have "Admin" permissions for Google and "Ad Account Admin" permissions for Facebook for reporting and our budget automation features such as AutoPilot to work correctly.



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