1. Budget Not Updating Fast Enough

The Shape platform is continuously refreshing your campaign data to provide the most up-to-date information to make your optimization decisions.

The platform works by placing all your campaigns in a queue and then cycling through them. Refresh rates typically fall between an hour to an hour and a half, although we are always working on reducing our cycle times. 

If you need data refreshed for a budget or a campaign more frequently than noted above, you can take the following steps to do so. 

Refresh Budget

  • Navigate to the budget view for your chosen client and budget. 
  • In the upper right-hand corner, find the circular arrow button

  • You will see a checkbox when the data for all your campaigns in the Budget has been refreshed. 
  • Below the circular arrow, you'll see how long ago the budget was refreshed. 

NOTE: You can only refresh budgets on a budget-by-budget basis.


2. Budget Not Updating At All

Occasionally, an error will occur that causes an entire Data Source to stop functioning. This means that no data associated with campaigns from that Data Source will update until the issue is fixed. 

Common reasons why this occurs are:

  • The advertising platform revokes access for an entire Data Source
  • Password or login information has changed for a Data Source
  • You do not have the right permissions to make changes to an account.

Re-sync Your Data Source

  • First, check if you have recently changed the credentials for your data source and/or if you have the right permissions for the account you are having difficulties with.
  • Navigate to the Data Sources page
  • Re-add your Data Source using the "Sync New Data Source" button. 
  • You will receive a notification that re-syncing was successful and your data should begin to refresh shortly.
Check If You Have an Active Budget/Active Campaigns
Occasionally, a budget will stop tracking unexpectedly for reasons not due to the data source. If this is the case, check to ensure 1) Your budget is still active and 2) there are active campaigns in the budget.
  • A budget may be inactive if you set up a one-time budget that has reached the end of its budget cycle. The Budget will no longer track performance metrics for its campaigns even if they are still active.
  • A budget may not show updated data if all campaigns in the budget are paused, ended, or removed. Check to ensure you have at least one active campaign in your Budget.

If issues continue to persist with your data not updating, please contact the Shape support team.


3. Twitter Ads Spend Not Updating As Expected

Some users may see that the cost in Shape does not match the cost they are seeing in the Twitter Ads ad platform. This may occur if a Shape user has created a budget with a duration of longer than 90 days. The Twitter Ads API only allows Shape to pull campaign performance data for a duration of 90 days at one time. When budgets extend beyond 90 days, multiple calls to the Twitter Ads API must be made to sum spend together. However, the Shape team has found that the cost returned is sometimes inconsistent making it harder to get an accurate total cost for Twitter Ads cost. NOTE: This is only for budgets that have Twitter campaigns included and that have a budget duration longer than 90 days.