What are Client-Level Reports?

Client Reports provide an overview of performance metrics for a specific client and their budgets. Client reports help a PPC advertiser and their client quickly review how their campaigns are progressing toward their goals. These reports provide a high-level view of overall performance, but also make it easy to identify Budget and Campaigns that the PPC advertiser may need to more deeply review.   

These reports default to displaying all of a Shape client's Budgets and Campaigns but may be filterable by Budget Name, Campaign Name, Ad Network, or Ad Channel depending on the report. 

What Reports are Included at the Client Level? 

Currently there are two PPC reports available at the client level. This document will be expanded if/when more client-level reports are added. The available client-level reports include: 

Live Client Dashboard: 

This report displays a look at current PPC performance metrics for a specific Client and their  Budgets and Campaigns in Shape. The report utilizes the current budget cycle. Both graphs and tables are included to highlight trends that PPC advertisers may want to course-correct (or replicate) as needed. 

The report includes two pages: Overview & Campaigns.

Client Performance Report: 

This report displays PPC performance metrics for a specific Client in Shape. However,  the Client Performance Report allows viewers to select the date range they want to view. This allows users to view dates/Budget cycles in the past to better understand historical performance or identify performance anomalies. Metrics can also be segmented by Ad Network (ex: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) or Ad Channel (Search, Social, Video) to allow for more in-depth analysis.

The report includes one page: Overview.

How do I Create a Client-Level Report? 

Please see the section "Launching Client-Level Reports" for directions on how to create client-level reports.

Who Should I Share this Report with? 

This report displays data for a specific Client in Shape. We encourage that you generate and share client-level reports with each of your clients individually. This allows your clients to monitor their top-level PPC performance on an ongoing basis without needing to request reports every month or Budget cycle.