What are Client Cards?

Client Cards provide an easily scannable and searchable view of how your advertising campaigns are spending against their target Budgets. Each new Client you create is given its own "Client Card" or section to differentiate it from other Clients. This allows you to manage multiple Clients in Shape while also giving you an easily scannable view of Budgets within a Client.

The dashboard displays where a Budget’s spend is in relation to its spend cap. If your campaigns are spending too slowly or quickly, you can click into individual Budgets to make keyword bid and daily budget changes directly to the advertising engines.


Information in Client Cards:

Client Name: The name of your Client. The Client name is editable. To edit, click on the name of the Client and then the pencil icon to the right of the trend numbers.

Tags: A view of which Team Member Tags and generic tags are applied to each Client.

Pencil: Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit the spend cap for a single Budget.

Budget Count: The total number of Budgets under a given Client. Includes active and inactive Budgets.

Average Trend:  A measure of how the spend for all of your campaigns and Budgets under a Client are trending against the total spend cap. Provides a high-level understanding of if your Budgets are under-spending, on track, or over-spending for a Client in total.

Spend to Date: The total amount of advertising spend tracked across all Budgets under a Client for the current Budget cycle to date.

Budget Total: The sum of all spend caps set for all Budgets under a Client. A spend cap is the target amount of money that an advertiser wants to spend on a given Budget.

Budget: A Budget is a grouping of campaigns that share a single Budget cap or target spend. See What is a Budget? for more information. A Budget consists of:

  • Budget Name
  • Total Budget Cap 
  • Spend Trending:
    • Spend Bar: A visual representation of where your spend is compared to your Budget. Depending on where your Trend Tolerance is set, the bar will be green, yellow, or red based on if your Budget is underspent, overspent, or track for your Budget cycle.
    • Trend:  A percentage measure of where your spend is compared to your Budget. 
  • Budget Duration: The start and end date of a Budget
  • Budget Frequency: An icon indicating if the Budget is one time or repeating 
    • Repeating: If a Budget is repeating it will display  
    • One-time: If a Budget is one-time it will display 
  • Spend Alerts: A bell symbol  at each percentage of spend that you have set an alert for (available alerts are at 90%, 75%, 50%, 20%, 10%, 5%, 1%
  • Budget Status: 
    • Paused: If your Budget is paused, the Budget will have a pause symbol on the Spend Progress bar.
    • Active: If your Budget is active, it will appear normally. 

  • Automation Tools: The Client Cards provide a quick view into which features (AutoPilot, CruiseControlRollOver, or SmartSync) are enabled. Icons appear to the left of each Budget progress bar.
    • If you have AutoPilot enabled, you can identify which AutoPilot mode is applied at the budget level. To learn more about each symbol, please see the article "What are AutoPilot Modes"
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