What is the Change History Report?

Shape's Change History report makes it easy to determine when changes were made to budgets and campaigns in the platform.

Along with the change that was made, the Change History report lists: 

  • The type:
    • Budget
    • Campaign
    • Ad Group
    • Ad
    • Keyword
    • Note
  • The team member responsible
  • Date and time
  • Name of the client, budget, campaign, ad, and/or keyword 

Some uses for the Change History might be to determine when a change to a budget cap was made (and to what amount) or determining who turned AutoPilot on/off for a campaign.

Where can I access the Change History Report?

The Change History report is easily accessible on the Budgeting Platform Dashboard via the navigation bar near the top of the screen. Look for the clock icon to access the change history for your clients or budgets.


Does it show changes I made directly in the Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc. ad platforms? 

Shape's Change History report only includes changes that were made in the Shape platform. 

It does not reflect changes that were made in the ad platforms that were done so outside of Shape. For example, Shape's Change History report would not show a change to an ad extension made in Google Ads because that is not something a team member is able to change in Shape.  The Google Ads platform's Change History report would indicate a change to the extension had been made.