What is the Change History Report?

Shape's Change History report makes it easy to determine when changes were made to Clients, Budgets, and campaigns in the platform.

The Change History lists changes made both by Team Members and the Shape Automation Tools that you have implemented on your budgets.

Team Member Changes 

Team members' changes are adjustments made to your Clients, Budgets, and campaigns made by team members you've granted Shape access to. These can include everything from adjusting the name of a Budget to tweaking a keyword bid.

Automation Changes 

Shape also lists out automated changes made by three of our Automation Tools: AutoPilot, CruiseControl, and SmartSync. Our Automation Change History is designed to give you transparency into what changes Shape tools are making on your behalf and when they're made. 

Where can I access the Change History Report?

The Change History report is easily accessible on the Budgeting Platform Dashboard via the navigation bar near the top of the screen. Look for the clock icon to access the change history for your clients or budgets.


How Can I Tell the Difference Between Team Member Changes and Automation Changes?

When you navigate to the Change History, you'll see three tabs: Team Member, Automation, and Combined. 

Clicking Team Member will show you changes made by Team Members you've granted Shape access to. These changes will utilize the team member's icon and list their name or email in the "Team Member" column. 

Selecting Automation will show you changes that have been made by Automation Tools you've enabled. The Automation tool and one of the following icons will appear in the Automation column.

What Types of Changes are Shown?

Depending on the type of change and the level at which it was made, the Change History will list: 

  • The team member or Automation Tool responsible
  • Date and time change was applied
  • The type of change was made (THIS LIST IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE):
    • Client 
      • Ex: Name change
    • Budget
      • Ex: Name change, daily budget changed 
    • Campaign
      • Ex: Campaign status set from active to paused
    • Keyword
      • Ex: Keyword bid changed
    • Note
      • Ex: Note added
    • AutoPilot
      • Ex: AutoPilot Daily enabled on 10 campaigns, AutoPilot Pause Only paused 2 campaigns when they hit their target budget
    • CruiseControl
      • Ex: CruiseControl changed a campaign's daily budget from 10.17 to 15.89
    • SmartSync
      • Ex: SmartSync added 3 new campaigns to a Budget 
  • Name of the client, budget, campaign, ad, and/or keyword where the change was applied
  • The "page" on which the change was applied (ex: Main Dashboard, Client Dashboard, Budget Dashboard) 

Some uses for the Change History might be to determine when a change to a budget cap was made (and to what amount) or to determine what campaigns AutoPilot turned on/off.

Does it show changes I made directly in the Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc. ad platforms? 

Shape's Change History report only includes changes that were made in the Shape platform. 

It does not reflect changes that were made in the ad platforms that were done so outside of Shape. For example, Shape's Change History report would not show a change to an ad extension made in Google Ads because that is not something a team member is able to change in Shape.  The Google Ads platform's Change History report would indicate a change to the extension had been made.