Changing the start date of an existing Budget is not currently possible in Shape. Although this functionality does not yet exist, there are workarounds available to help remedy budget duration issues. Please contact for assistance doing so after reading the information below.

Why can't I change the start date? 

Start dates impact a number of features applied to a budget and metrics used to report on the budgets.

Changing the start dates of an existing budget would require changes to automation features (such as AutoPilot and RollOver) and performance metrics (such as trend, spend remaining, percentage budget spent) due to changing the duration of a cycle length. This is very problematic for budgets with recurring budget cycles (ex: a monthly budget tracked from the 1st to the 30/31st) 

If we were to enable this setting change currently, it could lead to campaigns over/underspending their budgets which is the core problem our platform seeks to address.


What should I do if I need to change my budget dates or duration then?

If you need to change the start date of a budget or the duration of a budget cycle, the solution is to create a new budget.

Shape stores your campaigns' performance data indefinitely so if you recreate the budget, all of your historical campaign data will still be available. Shape will recalculate your spend/performance trends and metrics based on the new dates/durations.

If you need any help recreating budget(s), don't hesitate to contact the support team at to assist in the builds. 


If I can't change the start date, can I set a start date in the future?

You can. We've outlined the steps to do so here: create a budget with a future start date.