Shape allows you to make several different types of bulk changes across multiple levels of the platform.

You can make bulk changes at the client, budget, campaign, ad group/ad set, ads, and keyword level. 

Below, we'll outline how to make bulk changes and the changes you can make across multiple campaigns at each level.

Making Bulk Changes

  1. To make bulk changes, first, navigate to the decision grid. You can find decision grids on the main dashboard, client-level, or budget-level. 
  2. Using the check boxes on the far left-hand side of the screen, select all of the campaigns you want to edit in bulk.
  3. Click on the pencil (edit) icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  4. You'll be taken to the "Edit Settings" screen. 
  5. Select the settings you want to edit in bulk and select "Save Settings."
    • Certain warnings or additional prompts may appear depending on which settings you enable.

*To view a list of all the elements (campaigns, budgets, ad groups, etc.) you are changing, hover over the "More Info" icon near the top left-hand side of the screen.

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Bulk Change Edits

Previously, bulk changes to elements such as Campaign daily budget could only be set as a new value. Shape has updated our platform to allow for greater flexibility updating certain budget, campaigns, and keyword elements in bulk. 

You can: 

1. Update all to a new value

2. Increase amounts by an amount (with optional upper limit)

3. Increase amounts by a percent (with optional upper limit)

4. Decrease amounts by an amount (with optional upper limit)

5. Decrease amounts by a percent (with optional upper limit)

The elements that can be updated with the new forms are: 

  • Campaign Daily Budgets
  • Campaign CruiseControl Min daily budgets
  • Campaign CruiseControl Default daily budgets
  • Campaign CruiseControl Max daily budgets
  • Keyword CPC bids

Bulk Changes at Client Level

  • Set Currency
  • Delete Clients

Bulk Changes at Budget Level

Bulk Changes at Campaign Level

  • Update Campaign Statuses
  • Update Campaign Daily Budgets
  • Enable/Disable AutoPilot and CruiseControl on Campaigns
  • Remove Campaigns from Budgets

Bulk Changes at Ad Group Level

  • Update Ad Group Statuses

Bulk Changes at Ad Set Level

  • Update Ad Set Statuses
  • Update Ad Set Daily Budgets

Bulk Changes at Ad Level

  • Update Ad Status

Bulk Changes at Keyword

  • Update Keyword Status
  • Update Keyword CPC Bids

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