What are Budget-Level Reports?

A Budget report provides an overview of performance metrics for a specific Budget being tracked in Shape. Budget reports help a PPC advertiser and their client quickly review how their campaigns in a specific Budget are progressing toward their Budget target. These reports provide a deep-dive view into if a Budget is on target or spending too quickly/slowly. It also indicates which campaigns are driving clicks, impressions, spend, conversions, and more for a given Budget/initiative. 

These reports default to displaying all of a Shape Client's Campaigns but may be filterable by Campaign Name depending on the report. 

What Reports are Included at the Budget Level? 

Currently there are two PPC reports available at the Budget level. This document will be expanded if/when more budget-level reports are added. The available budget-level reports include: 

Live Budget Dashboard: 

This report displays a look at current PPC performance metrics for a specific Budget in a Client in Shape. The report utilizes the current budget cycle. The report is useful for keeping clients up-to-date on how their campaigns are performing/spending against their targets. Data is refreshed daily meaning clients can monitor their Budget's performance in near-real time.

The report includes two pages: Overview.

Budget Performance Report: 

This report displays PPC performance metrics for a specific Budget in a specific Client in Shape. The Budget Performance Report allows viewers to select the date range they want to view. This allows users to view dates/Budget cycles in the past to better understand historical performance or identify performance anomalies for a given Budget. 

The report includes one page: Overview.

How do I Create a Budget-Level Report? 

Please see the section "Launching Budget-Level Reports" for directions on how to create Budget-level reports.

Who Should I Share this Report with? 

This report displays data for a specific Budget in a specific Client in Shape. We encourage that you generate and share Budget-level reports with your client especially if they have concerns or questions about specific Budgets. Your clients can monitor their Budget performance on an ongoing basis without needing to request reports every month or Budget cycle.