Budget Booster is a tool designed to help marketers understand how much additional spend is possible for their Clients and Budgets. Budget Booster calculates the additional spend potential assuming a Budget's campaign strategy remains the same (no: new keywords, ads, targeting). 


Where do I find Budget Booster?

Budget Booster can be accessed via the App Portal that appears on the top navigation toolbar on the Budgeting platform. It will remain available whether you are on the main dashboard, or Client, Budget, or Campaign views.

How Does Budget Booster work?

Search & Display

Budget Booster utilizes the last 60 days of a campaign’s impressions, cost, impression share, and lost impression share metrics to calculate a Booster Score. The Booster score helps you quantify the Budgets with the biggest opportunity to spend additional ad dollars, and tells you the amount the spend could be boosted by to achieve optimal returns. 


Social campaigns do not have impression share metrics as search and display campaigns do. Therefore, Budget Booster utilizes an incremental approach to make suggestions for social campaigns. 

Shape evaluates whether and how often social campaigns are spending their entire daily budgets over an extended time frame and determines if the campaigns can spend more. Campaign daily budgets are increased incrementally until spend data indicates the campaigns are being limited by outside factors (not budget-related) and daily increases should stop. 

A Booster score can be generated on the Company, Client, Budget, and Campaign level. 

The score is a representation of the amount of the available spend that a campaign has captured. Any spend missed due to limited daily budgets or a campaign status of ‘paused’ are considered lost potential spend.

Booster Score can be loosely thought of as the percentage of the total available spend that the campaign captured in the last 60 days.

A Booster Score of 22 (for example) means your accounts are reaching under one-fourth of their spend potential under current strategies.


How is Booster Data Calculated?

Every campaign is run through our Budget Booster algorithm which runs an opportunity analysis. (Booster is fully supported for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads).

For search and display campaigns, Booster determines the number of days a campaign was eligible to receive an impression. Each eligible day (known as a ‘Sample’) is then analyzed to determine the number of lost impressions due to insufficient budget. 

Sample data for lost impressions, along with cost and impressions, are aggregated for each eligible day. These lost impressions are then used to approximate the amount of spend that was lost due to insufficient budget.

For social campaigns, campaign daily budgets are increased incrementally until spend data indicates the campaigns are being limited by outside factors (not budget-related) and daily increases should stop. 

Booster totals up the spend potential to generate the estimated maximum amount that a group of campaigns could spend through the duration of one full cycle. 

What can I do with this data?

You can make changes to a Client's Budgets or a Campaign's daily budget directly from Budget Booster. Simply click into the Budget or Campaign you want to edit, and a pencil will appear next to the metrics in a column if it is editable. 

For your Clients that wish to approve spend changes before they're implemented, you can export Booster data to quickly deliver data-backed budget recommendations. 


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