Why am I receiving an "AutoPilot is Enabled on Ineligible Campaigns" email alert? 

Shape members receive an "AutoPilot is Enabled on Ineligible Campaigns" email alert when they have activated AutoPilot on campaign types that Shape does not have permission to edit. 

This issue can lead to confusion, incorrectly tracked spend, and even overspend if the Shape user is not aware that these types of campaigns cannot be paused or enabled by our platform. 

There are two types of campaigns that Shape currently cannot pause: 

    • Youtube Ads Campaigns
    • Google Ads Experiment Campaigns

While Shape can track spend in the platform from these types of campaigns, it cannot edit these campaigns' statuses. This could cause a Budget to overspend if the digital advertiser is not aware these types of campaigns in their Budget will not pause when the target amount is achieved.


How do I fix this issue? 

The alert email you receive should list the affected Client/Account, Budget, and Campaign(s).

Turn AutoPilot off at the Campaign Level 
  1. Navigate to the Budget View for the affected Client and Budget.
  2. Scroll down to the Decision Grid and ensure the AutoPilot column is displayed. 
  3. Click the checkboxes next to the campaign(s) you wish to turn AutoPilot off for.
  4. Click the pencil icon (edit) to navigate to the Edit Campaign Details screen.
  5. Once there, click the Automation tab. 
  6. Set the Campaign AutoPilot status to "Off."
  7. Click Save Settings.


Need additional assistance? 

If you need additional help with this error, simply respond to the alert email you received or contact support@shape.io.