Shape Data Warehouse - Views & Tables

The Shape Data Warehouse consists of Tables and Views. In order to flip between Tables and Views, use the tabs in the top navigation on the Data Warehouse page.

What are Data Warehouse Tables?

A table in a data warehouse is a group or collection of related data that is stored together. Data is stored or held in a table, unlike a view.

For example, in the Shape Data Warehouse is a table called "_daily_campaigns." This table stores metrics and dimensions for PPC campaign data on a daily basis. This includes metrics such as Cost, Clicks, and Impressions and dimensions such as Ad Network and Ad Account. 


What are Data Warehouse Views?

A view in a data warehouse combines data from one or more tables. A view does not house stored data itself. Rather, a view is populated by data from individual tables that are combined to provide the information needed in the view. If data in a table is changed, it will alter the data that is displayed in the view. However, there is no data unique to the view itself.  

Views can be utilized to assemble information together from across multiple tables to provide additional insight.

For example, there is a view called the "budget_campaigns" view. This view utilizes the "_daily_campaign" table together with "archive_campaign" data (campaign performance metrics/dimensions for campaigns specifically tracked in Shape). This View allows a digital advertiser to view historical performance data for campaigns tracked in Shape. However, the digital advertiser can go a step further and segment performance by the name of the client or budget the campaign was tracked under in Shape. 

How do I Enable More Data Tables or Views?

To gain access to additional data (beyond free campaign-level data) in the Shape Data Warehouse, you will enable new Views. 

Enabling a new View will automatically activate any tables that are required to populate data in that View. 

To enable a new View: 

  • Click the checkbox next to the View Name. Click the pencil (edit) icon that appears.
  • Change the "Status" dropdown from Disabled to Enabled. 

Depending on the size of the data in the Tables that are being activated, it may take several minutes to populate. To check a table's status, view the "Table State" column on the Tables tab. When the State turns from orange to green, it's ready.  

Can I Change How Often or How Much Data is Collected? 

To change the frequency with which data is collected or the date range of data collected, please see the "Changing Data Refresh Frequency and Date Range" in the Activating Your Shape Data Warehouse help article.


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