Once you have activated your Shape Data Warehouse you will be directed to the Warehouse view which displays the data Views and Tables available to you. 

Shape provides eight free campaign-level views to Shape users including those using our free tier. These free views provide campaign-level dimensions and metrics. 

If you wish to analyze and/or report on more granular performance data below the campaign level, you will need to enable additional Views for a fee. 

Free Views:

Shape offers 8 free Views as part of our Data Warehouse offering. This includes:

  • archive_campaigns*
  • budgets*
  • budget_campaigns*
  • campaigns
  • campaign_snapshots
  • historical_rollover*
  • shape_budgets*
  • _daily_campaigns

The Description column indicates what data is available in each View. 

To view all the fields available in a given View, use the Forge (the Shape API Query Builder). Navigate to the Search Results box (right-hand side) in Forge, enter the View Name, and click the result. A list of fields will appear. 

These tables include Account, Ad Network, and Ad Channel segments so that digital advertisers can create cross-platform reports and analyses.

*NOTE: The "archive_campaigns", "budgets",  "budget_campaigns", "historical_rollover", and "shape_budgets" Views display data only for campaigns that have been or are actively tracked in Shape. All other free tables will display data for any accounts/campaigns in a Data Source (regardless if the campaign is in Shape).



Paid Views:

In addition to the 8 free campaign-level Data Warehouse Views, Shape offers 30+ additional Views. Enabling these Views requires our "Premium" Data Warehouse product which does cost an additional fee. 

As a Premium user,  you have access to Views and Tables which include data for:

  • Account Performance
  • Campaign Performance
  • Ad Group / Ad Set Performance
  • Ad Performance
  • Keyword Performance (incl. Search Terms)
  • Negative Keywords (incl. Lists/Shared)
  • Targeting Performance 
    • Incl: Age, Interest, Placement, Topic, Gender, Ad Schedule, and Device
  • Extension Performance
  • Labels

There are additional "_daily_" Views that provide data for certain views broken down on a daily basis for further granular reporting and analysis. 


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