Budgeting Platform

To add a new team member to the Shape platform, please first ensure you have an "Admin" or "Manager" role. Members or Read Only users cannot add new team members.

Learn more about team member roles.


Adding Team Members

  • Navigate to the Admin link in the left-hand navigation. 
  • Select Team Management from the drop-down menu
  • Select "Invite New Members" in the Team Management view.
  • Enter the email, role, and display name of the person you'd like to invite. 
  • Select "Send Invites."



  • Invite as many team members at a time as you would like by selecting +Add Invitation
  • Make each display name unique. Team members cannot share the same display name.


Advertising Data Infrastructure 

Your team members will be able to view the ADI via the link on the Shape dashboard. However, you must grant them access to allow them to access data stored in the ADI/data warehouse via Google BigQuery, Data Studio, or Sheets. 

If you've added a team member via the Team Management Page, they will automatically display under the Team Members section of the ADI's Access Control page. 

  • Click the checkbox next to the team member's name you'll like to provide access to.
  • Click the unlocked lock icon to "Grant Access"
  • Your team member will be notified they've been granted access to your ADI/Big Query Data Warehouse and be provided links to access the data.

Resending a Team Member Invite

Sometimes team members may not receive their initial invite because they may get erroneously caught in spam filters.

To Resend Yourself: If the team member is listed as pending, click the box next to their name and then the pencil icon that appears. Set the team member's status to inactive and click "save settings". Then click "Invite New Team" members and resend their invite. 

If this does not work, feel free to contact support@shape.io. We will resend the invite directly to the team member.


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