When you sign up for Shape, you create a company account for your business. When you purchase a Shape premium account, you can add multiple clients under your Shape company account. However, you may find you need multiple company-level accounts for a variety of reasons (one per department, a client-only Shape account, etc.). Below we'll outline the steps to add and link multiple company-level accounts together.

Creating Multiple Shape Company Accounts

1. Make sure you have at least one active Shape account. Then, navigate to the companies page found here: https://shape.io/app/companies

2. Click "Create Company".

3. Enter the name of the Company you wish to create.

4. You'll be taken to the Welcome screen for your new company. 

5. Follow the steps provided to onboard new data sources for your new company. 

6. IMPORTANT: To add more than one client to this company, the Shape team must upgrade the new company account. Email support@shape.io with the name you gave your new company account to have it upgraded to premium.

Note: Premium customers can add as many new company accounts (and clients) as they wish. Free tier customers are limited to creating one company account with one client and up to 20 budgets.

Linking Multiple Shape Company Accounts

1. To grant your team members access to multiple company accounts, you need to add them to the new company account on the Team Management page

2. On the Team Management page of the new company account you've created, click "Invite New Team Members." 

3. Add the Team Members' emails and click Send Invites

4. This will add your team member to the new company account you just created. They will have access to all of the company-level accounts you've added them to moving forward.

Navigating Between Shape Company Accounts

1. First, ensure that you have created multiple company accounts and that you and the appropriate team members are added to both.

2. When you log in to Shape, you'll now be taken to the Companies page first and can navigate to the appropriate company you wish to work on.

3. To switch between company-level accounts (while you are working in one), click the "Companies" tab in the left-hand navigation. This will take you back to the Companies page where you can select another company-level account.