Adding BigQuery as a Data Source in Data Studio

Once your Shape Data Warehouse is spun up, you'll be able to add Google BigQuery as a data source in Google Data Studio. 

In order to add BigQuery as a data source to Data Studio, your Shape Data Warehouse will first need to be activated. To activate your Shape Data Warehouse, follow these directions


1. Navigate to Google Data Studio and create a new report.

2. You'll be asked to add an existing data source or "Create New Data Source." Select "Create New Data Source."

3. A list of Data Studio Connectors will appear. Select "BigQuery." 

4. You should be taken to a screen where you will be asked to select a BigQuery project. Under the "My Projects" tab you will see a project named "shape-warehouse-####". 

5. Click "shape-warehouse-####." 

6. You have the option to select "all_data" or "compiled views." "All_data" includes all the tables you have access to, while "compiled views" includes all the views" available. Learn about the differences between tables and views here

7. Optional - You can select whether or not your want a table partitioned. This divides large tables into smaller segments. Shape Data Warehouse tables are designed to be easily and quickly queried by Google BigQuery/Data Studio, so this may not be necessary. However, you select this if desired. 

8. Click connect in the upper right-hand corner. 

9. On the following screen you'll see the list of fields available for the data source. Click "Add to Report." Your data is now available in Google Data Studio!


To learn more about what you can do with Google Data Studio Reports, check out our Google Data Studio Template help section.