Sharing In-Platform Reports to Non-Shape Users 

You only need to share reports with non-Shape users once. After that, they can visit their report link directly or access automatically refreshed reports on at any time.

1. Follow the directions to generate the new in-platform report that you wish to share.

2. After selecting a report, you'll be asked if you want to share a report with anyone. Where it says "Add People" enter the email of the person you wish to invite. Hit enter.


3. Click "Send."

4. The person you shared the report with will receive an email that sends them directly to their report link.  

How Non-Shape Users Can Access In-Platform Reports 

1. Non-Shape users will receive an email that looks like this the first time a new report is shared with them. Clicking "View Report" will take them directly to their new report.

2. If someone wants to access a report, they can navigate to at any time. A dashboard showing all reports available to that person will appear that looks like this: 

Optional: Users can toggle between a grid view (above) or list view by clicking the grid/list icon in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.